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We are now proud partners of Diablo Power Group! Finally, someone listened and is making batteries that make sense. We love these batteries as installers and are happy to be able to sell them to our customers as well! These batteries are top of the line, heavy duty, and ready to serve you for years!

12V 200Ah DPG LiFePO4

  • Physical Size: Double GC2 (Golf Cart)

    Bulk Charge Voltage: 14.4 VDC

    Float Charge Voltage: 13.6 VDC

    Maximum Discharge Current: 200 Amps Continuously Per Battery

    Maximum Charging Current: 100 Amps Continuously Per Battery

    Built In Shunt Monitor: Inside Every battery has a 350 amp shunt battery monitor prewired to the battery terminals. Included with every battery purchase is a display that plugs into the communication port on the top of the battery. Simply run the communication wire to the desired screen mounting location, mount the screen, and plug in the communication wiring with one end into the battery and the other end into the screen. Save hundreds of dollars and tedious wiring with this plug and play shunt system!

    If you prefer a Bluetooth monitoring experience, these batteries support the use of the “SMART BMS” Application available to you in your applicable app store on IOS and Android.

    Maintenance Required: None

    Life Span: 3000 – 5000 charge cycles

    Warranty: 10 Years

    Can be connected in series up to 48V.

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