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400 Watt Solar Package

This package offers 400 Watts of solar energy for increased battery charging capabilities and Bluetooth monitoring to track your battery level, & solar output. This is a great option for the more simple campers that still have moderate levels of power consumption while camping, and often camp where there are no hookups. It also solves the problem of maintaining the life of their batteries while in storage if the storage facility does not have plug in power available. Let us help you keep your batteries healthy and ensure your RV is camping ready as soon as you show up to use it! ** We recommend this package as a minimum if you plan to add an inverter to your RV or if you already have an inverter installed.**


This kit includes:


(2) 200 Watt 9 bus bar solar panels.

(1) 30A Victron MPPT Solar Charge controller W/ Bluetooth Battery Monitoring.

All associated wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, and electrical connections necessary.


*Destination fee may apply

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